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Air Duct Cleaning in Columbus, Ohio

Air Duct Cleaning in
Columbus, Ohio

Cleaner air, healthier home.

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The Importance of Clean Air Ducts - Top 6 Benefits

Dirty air ducts are a leading cause of a number of problems faced by homeowners. Here’s a brief list of how a professional air duct cleaning will benefit you and your family.


Your Home Will Be Cleaner

Less dust. Less coughing and sneezing. A more beautiful home with cleaner air. Less work to prepare for company, or simply to keep up with the dirt and grime that everyday life can bring with it. A clean HVAC system can’t clean your entire home, but it can help you to keep it clean for years to come.


Reduces Allergens and Nasal Irritants

If you or your loved ones suffer from seasonal allergies, dirty ductwork can be one in-home culprit that keeps you from breathing more easily in your home. Proper air filtration and ductwork sealing can also eliminate new particles that enter the home, preventing them from worsening the problems you have every allergy season.


Improved HVAC Airflow

Bad airflow in your ductwork costs you money, whether you know it or not. Clogged vents and narrowed duct pathways create hot and cold spots in your home, and also make your air conditioner and furnace work harder than they need to in order to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. A thorough ductwork cleaning removes these buildups of dirt and grime, allowing your system to run smoothly and efficiently.


Remove Smells and Odors

Cooking odors, smells from pets or mold can contaminate your home. The only way to ensure they’re removed quickly is with clear ductwork that cycles through your air supply to keep it filtered and conditioned. But if a return air vent is clogged or blocked, smells can linger and cause long-term problems. Many things can cause smells in a home, and not all are related to ductwork. However, air duct cleaning can often neutralize those living in your ductwork.


Your Loved Ones Will Breathe Easier

At the end of the day, you want to breathe easy and freely in your home. Dust, dirt, mold, odors, allergens, and other irritants constantly get in the way of this goal. There are several steps you can take to ensure the quality of your home’s air, but the most important step is a comprehensive duct cleaning from a licensed professional.


Your Equipment Will Last Longer

No one wants their HVAC system to break down, but it generally does at the worst times. Holidays, the coldest or hottest days of the year, or other major usage days. One way to keep your system running longer is to keep your air ducts clean. 80% of all HVAC breakdowns are caused by some lack of maintenance.

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What is Air Duct Cleaning?

On the surface, duct cleaning seems obvious. But it’s what you don’t know that can hurt you.

Air Duct cleaning includes cleaning numerous parts in your HVAC system, including supply vents from your air handler, return air vents that circulate air from your home back into your heating and cooling system, vents and grilles, and can include the cleaning of internal chambers and parts of your HVAC system that facilitate airflow.

These parts can include drain pans, blower motors, heat exchangers and evaporator coils.

The purpose of this is to remove particles from the airstream of a home, and ensure that it stays clean through proper cleaning, filtration, sealing and replacement.

Common reasons for duct cleaning include removing mold particles or excessive dust from the home that is living inside your ductwork. The service can also clear blockages to ensure proper airflow in a home.

The Fire & Ice Air Duct Cleaning Process


Give us a call or fill out a Service Form here on our website, requesting ductwork cleaning. Our courteous staff will help schedule an in-home visit.


Once they arrive, our experts will lay down drop cloths and corner protectors, run the truck-mounted vacuum hose to the main ductwork trunk line, set up their workspace and seal off all registers and vents in the home with grill masks. They’ll then cut a series of access holes into the ductwork and begin the vacuuming process, agitating the inner ductwork with specialized tools to capture all dust, dirt and debris. Each individual duct line is cleaned, as is the air return drop and plenum.


All holes are resealed, and any areas are swept that have accumulated agitated dust. Your technician will then review the process that was done with you and will show you pictures that were taken of the air duct lines.

Columbus, Ohio Air Duct Cleaning Services From Fire & Ice

In addition to standard air duct cleaning, our comprehensive process cleans your whole home, ensuring its health and performance for years to come, and includes options for additional preventative steps.

  • Truck-Mounted Air Duct Cleaning

    Our powerful, truck mounted vacuum system will clear out any and all debris from your home’s ductwork.

  • Dryer Duct Cleaning

    Similarly, dryer ducts can clog and prevent efficient running of your dryer. With this simple step, we can save you hours of cleaning hassle. If we are already at your home to perform air duct cleaning, we can also clean your dryer vent as an additional service

  • Evaporator Coil Cleaning

    Your airflow runs through more than just ductwork, and the evaporator (or condensing) coil will eventually become dirty and cease to operate well if left untended.

  • Disinfecting Options

    Mold, mildew and other infecting agents can cause health and comfort issues. Using industry standard cleaning agents, we’re able to eliminate them at the source. Not all mold in your home lives in your ventilation system, so if you suspect you have long-term mold issues, air duct cleaning can help but may not be enough

  • UV Lights & Other Air Purifiers and Filters

    Air duct cleaning is necessary at times, and proactive solutions to contaminants like whole-home air purifiers are an excellent resource to continue having healthy air for the life of your home.

Cost of Home Air Duct Cleaning: Pricing & Considerations

The cost of home air duct cleaning depends on the square footage of your home. Our standard pricing is below:

Square Footage of Home: Price:
0 – 1,200 $578
1,200 – 2,000 $736
2,000 – 2,800 $894
2,800 – 3,600 $1,157
3,600 and over Call for a quote

This pricing is for our whole-home duct cleaning service, and doesn’t include any indoor air quality accessories or additional system maintenance that may be discussed.

Additional Services

Service: Cost:
Dryer Vent 1st floor $99
Dryer Vent Cleaning 2nd floor $149
Bath Fan Vent Cleaning 1st floor $99
Bath Fan Vent Cleaning 2nd floor $149
Gas Hot Water Tank Vent Cleaning 1st floor $99
Gas Hot Water Tank Vent Cleaning 2nd floor $149
Whole Home Botanical Disinfectant $149
Whole Home Sporician Disinfectant $149

Add-on services must be completed at time of duct cleaning. Discounts are available for maintenance agreement customers.

When Should I Get Home Air Duct Cleaning?

There’s no perfect answer to when you should get your air ducts cleaned, but here are some common reasons:

  1. ONE: The air is noticeably dusty or dirty

    If you find yourself cleaning dust more often than usual, or have noticed buildups of dust and dirt in the home, your ductwork may be the reason.

  2. TWO: Someone in the family has bad allergies

    Allergies can be triggered by all sorts of particulates in the air. While there’s no way to avoid all allergens, you can create a healthy space for allergy sufferers in your family with a thorough air duct cleaning.

  3. THREE: You just moved in to your new home

    Maybe the previous tenants had a lot of pets, or were heavy smokers. Or with new construction, sometimes sawdust and other particles from the building process end up lodged in the ductwork for years! This is a great time to start off fresh with an air duct cleaning!

  4. FOUR: Odors, pet hair, smoke and other contaminants

    If any of these plague your home, we can help! Indoor air quality HVAC services can play a big role in keeping your home free from contaminants.

  5. FIVE: You’re hosting an event

    Holiday parties, weddings, or other major events can all be a great time to prepare with an air duct cleaning.

Choosing an Air Duct Cleaner Near You - What To Look For

Here are some considerations for finding the best air duct cleaner near you:

  1. ONE:

    Ensure they’re using a truck-mounted system for maximum vacuuming power. Your vents will be negatively pressurized to remove the maximum amount of dust and debris.

  2. TWO:

    They are certified with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and NAFA (National Air Filtration Association) to perform whole-home duct cleaning.

  3. THREE:

    Verify that your contractor is licensed with the State of Ohio. Fire & Ice is License #36883

  4. FOUR:

    They are trained through and members of accredited organizations such as NAFA (National Air Filtration Association) and IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)

  5. FIVE:

    Check with Google and the BBB to see if the contractor has frequent complaints or low ratings from customers.


Sometimes a tune-up is enough, but if you begin to experience airflow issues, lose circulation to certain vents, or have buildups of dust or mold, ductwork cleaning can do more than a simple HVAC tune-up.
The National Association of Air Duct Cleaners recommends cleaning your air vents every 3-5 years. Other times, it’s situational, like cleaning after a large home renovation or immediately after moving to a new home.
They aren’t doing everything we are, nor do they have the specialized equipment we use. Some companies offer duct cleaning with roto brushes, which can work for spot-cleaning certain areas, but won’t thoroughly clean the entirety of your ductwork and system. A truck-mounted cleaning system pressurizes your entire duct system, maximizing particulate removal in all areas of the home. The cost for a rotobrush service will be less, but it won’t be nearly as beneficial.
Drop cloths and corner protectors are used in the home anywhere we’ll be. We also place plastic covering over any furniture that is under any ductwork. Our technicians also use personal protection equipment (shoe coverings, masks) for your safety.
Depending on the size of the home and the services being performed, as little as 2 hours, up to around 8 hours. Most take around 4 hours to complete.
The loudest noise is at the truck itself as it vacuums, which will be outside. There is some noise, but it’s not much different than running a vacuum cleaner.
While cleaning your ventilation system can improve airflow in small ways, the primary benefits are the removal of dust, dirt, allergens, and other particles that contribute negatively to the health and comfort of your home.

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