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Furnace Installation and Replacement

Professional Furnace Installation

Our furnace installation team provides the highest satisfaction from sales to install so you can feel confident with your purchase.

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

The cost of installing a new furnace varies.

There are many variables that can affect the price of an installation of a new furnace.

  • Furnace Unit
  • Additional Accessories
  • Permits Required
  • Applicable Rebates

The Furnace You Choose

Furnaces come in all different efficiency ratings and features. Systems that are more budget-minded that may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end systems with superior comfort and efficiency technology will typically start around $2,540.

High-end systems that provide the latest and greatest technology, such as variable-speed motors, fully modulating gas valves and smart communicating equipment, can cost up to $7,025.

Additional Accessories

The best time to pick accessories is when installing new equipment as the cost is minimized. Many customers choose a humidifier when installing a new furnace to keep their home comfortable in the dry cold temperatures. Other homeowners may also opt-in for a whole home media filter to keep dust and allergies under control.

We offer a variety of accessory options that can be installed with your new furnace system. Here is a full list of accessory types and the average cost in each category.

Category Average Cost
Humidifier $625 - $775
Media Filter $495
Ducted Dehumidifier $2,750
Standalone Dehumidifier $2,100
Surge Protector $360
REME Halo $975

The Permits Required

Ensuring that the proper permits are obtained is very important to ensure that the work being done is safe, up to code, and lawful. The permits required to install and replace your furnace typically cost between $250 - $400. Always make sure you work with a reputable company that obtains the appropriate permits. Otherwise, the safety and potential cost to re-do the work can cost you several thousand dollars more.

Applicable Rebates

Many times there are rebates available that can reduce the cost of installation. This sometimes depends on the equipment purchased and the current available rebates at the time. Many times your utility company, such as AEP or Columbia Gas, have rebates available when purchasing a new energy-efficient system.

In many cases, a rebate through your utility provider can reduce the cost by up to $300.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

As we discussed, a furnace installation can significantly vary in cost from many factors of the project. If we categorized the typical installation scenarios, below is the expected average price you can expect to pay for each.

Installation Scenario Average Cost
Budget-Minded $3,800
Mid-Range $5,100
High-End $7,025

What to Expect at Your Estimate

Watch a quick 2 minute video on what you can expect at your estimate for a new furnace or HVAC system.

We know how significant this investment is to you, and choosing the right unit is critical. Our process is the most comprehensive in town when it comes to selecting the right furnace for your home and desired comfort level.

A Fire & Ice comfort consultant will come out to survey your house and perform a load calculation to determine your home's BTU requirements allowing us to provide you with a quote on four different options based on budget and comfort needs.

The Step-by-Step Process

The process explained from beginning to end.

1. Determine If a New Furnace Is Right for You

When your furnace starts costing you more money on repairs and inefficiency, it's time to have your furnace replaced. The average lifespan of a furnace is around fifteen to twenty five years. Not only is replacing your furnace a financial investment, but an investment into your home and lifestyle for more than the next decade.

2. Schedule an Estimate

Reach out to us and schedule an in-home estimate with a residential sales professional to visit your home and discuss your comfort needs and available options for your home. We typically provide four system options suited to your comfort needs and budget.

Don't worry; we don't use any high-pressure sales tactics.

3. Consult and Choose an Option

If you believe we are a great fit for you, let us know. A residential sales professional will answer any additional questions you may have. This is a significant investment for your home, and we want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

Financing is available. Financing Details

4. Planning and Preparation

We are a fully licensed HVAC contractor and obtain all the necessary permits for the work we perform in your home. Before starting the work, our team will create a custom-fit design for your home.

We will work with you to collect the necessary information and apply any rebates that are applicable with your purchase.

5. Installation Day

An exciting day for homeowners. The installation team typically arrives around between 7:30 am and 8 am in a branded/marked truck with professional uniforms and identification badges. You will receive a courtesy call when the installation team is on their way.

The installers will begin by placing drop cloths and any necessary protective equipment to ensure no damage to your home or property occurs.

After removing the old equipment from your home, the new equipment is prepared and installed. Once ready, the installation team tests the new system to ensure everything is in the expected working order.

Most installations wrap-up around 4 pm that day. Your installation team will then show you how the system works and will go over any questions you have about your new system thoroughly.

6. Post-Installation Inspection

Our residential sales professional will return to your home after you’ve had your new equipment for 7 plus days. They will look over the installation, look you in the eye, shake your hand, make sure you are happy. Any issues that do not meet our high installation standards, if identified, will be promptly remedied.

Learn more about our post-installation inspection.

What To Expect Post-Installation

Rest Assured We are Here For You.

Built into our installation process is a post-installation inspection. This is where we reach out to you after you’ve had your new equipment for 7 plus days to schedule an appointment where our residential sales professional will return to your home. They will look over the installation, look you in the eye, shake your hand, make sure you are happy. Any issues that do not meet our high installation standards, if identified, will be promptly remedied.

Additionally, during this time, many homeowners have equipment and product education questions that may arise with their new system. This is an excellent opportunity to address those questions, concerns, or share feedback about your experience.

However, if you believe something is not right, or have any issues with your new system either before or after our post-installation inspection, as rare as it is, let us know. The equipment purchased through us and our labor is covered under warranty. If an issue does occur, we will make our best effort to minimize the inconvenience and correct the situation as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Furnace

We are constantly evolving and improving the way we do business.

24 Hour Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, you have Columbus's leading furnace repair specialists awaiting your call!

We Service Your Area

We service all of the Columbus metro, Columbus, Powell, Westerville, Grove City, Galloway, Pickerington, and more.

Affordable Repairs

After diagnosing the furnace, your technician will verify the repairs and cost before he performs the work. There are never any surprises at the end of the service!

One-Year Warranty

We stand by our work by offering a one-year warranty on all our repairs and extended repair warranties for our Maintenance Agreement holders.


Fire & Ice's technicians go through on-going training year-round in the largest training facility in Central Ohio, also owned by Fire & Ice.

All Makes and Models

Fire & Ice can repair any furnace regardless of make and model!

Superior Service

With our accreditation and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can trust that your furnace is in good hands with Fire & Ice.

Learning Center

Explore our learning center. It's a comprehensive section focused on answering your questions, providing detailed information, and tips that will improve buyer education when it comes to your home's HVAC system.

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